Core Drilling

We supply all types of Core Drill Units. Hydraulic units for large diameter and deep holes, Hy-cycle (400Hz) units for high production holes, Air drills for underwater applications, and hand drills for tight access areas unable to mount drills. Core drilling can be used for anchor holes, bollards, electrical conduit, plumbing, and boring. We also Stitch drill, which consists of drilling holes side by side in a line to remove concrete bases & footings that are thick and cannot be accessed from the bottom side. We use core drilling to run our diamond wire for wire cutting and provide deep drilling for seismic retrofit of bridge columns. We have the capability of split tube drilling to leave the casing inside the hole. We can cut through solid steel using special biodegradable cutting fluid. We have completed projects for AT&T, Verizon, and clear wire to retrofit/ reinforce steel bracing for new antennas for existing cell towers.