Pipe and Cable Locating

we specialize in the detection of underground facilities including. Telephone, power cables, secondary gas, television , water and sewer ( storm and sanitary and communication cables.

Using state of the art detection equipment we can locate a vast array of facilities underground, both outdoor and indoor, to a depth of approximately 15 feet using tracer wire runs and using our own service tracer for plastic lines. Locate underground and de-energized wires, cables, and pipes.

Utility Scan

With the scanning system our technicians are bale to precisely locate buried service utilities ( i.e. gas, electric, and sewer lines.) and other buried objects through most man-made or natural surfaces in real time horizontal and vertical positions.

Typical Uses...

Utility Detection- metallic and non-metallic

Environmental Remediation

Damage Prevention

Road Inspection

Geological Investigation

Archaeology and Forensics

Structural Scanning

Structural scanning is used to safely locate rebar, post tension cables, piping, and other subsurface materials. It can also be used to determine the thickness of suspended or on-grade concrete slabs, or assess the concrete condition for rehab planning.

Once the Area has been scanned, our technician will map out the area with all the information drawn in.

Typical uses...

Concrete inspection- locate metallic and non -metallic targets in walls, floors, and ceilings.

Structure inspection- bridges, monuments, towers, tunnels, garages, parking decks, and balconies.

Condition Assessment- map relative concrete condition for rehab planning.

Measure slab thickness.

Void Location.

Radan 3- Dimensional Solutions

RADAN provides complete post- processing - 3 dimensional solutions with more ways to analyze the data than any other GPR Processing software in the industry.

Interactive 3-D Draw in or edit shapes that relate to your survey site (i.e. pipes , drums, lines)

Structure ID - This allows for easy creation of plan- view slices to aid in interpretation of Structure Scanning data files.

Typical applications are the processing of rebar conduits, areas of deterioration, slab thickness, and voids.

Bridge Assessment- Provides robust post-processing capabilities for the condition evaluation and mapping bridge decks.